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Probably the most amazing woman I’ve ever interviewed

Last month a lady called Alice Herz-Sommer died aged 110 years of age. I interviewed Alice for the north London newspaper, The Ham & High as a cub reporter in 2003. After all my years in journalism, she remains the most fascinating woman I have ever interviewed. At one point, she turned the interview around and starting … Continue reading

Terry Chimes states his case – interview

Maybe Terry Chimes never was a perfect fit for The Clash. As some commented under my interview with him, published last week, by The Clash blog – his right-wing politics may never have harmonised with the thinking of the rest of the band members or Bernard Rhodes.  However, after interviewing the man I could certainly … Continue reading

“People in their twenties are not ageist the way my generation was”

I interviewed Nashville singer-songwriter, Gretchen Peters, a few months back when she was touring the UK promoting her newest album, Hello Cruel World. One of the topics we talked about was younger people being into older music in a more unrestrained way than perhaps previous generations. Why? Gretchen told me it was partly because: “People … Continue reading

London commemorates Joe Strummer with new mural in W11

New York has a mural of Joe, Granada has an entire Plaza in his honour and although London might have a subway unofficially named after him, it was great that the city finally has something like this too – thanks to the initiative of Gary Loveridge and Emma Harrison! My report about the unveiling – which Joe’s … Continue reading

Punk spirit lives on in new photo exhibit, ten years after legend’s death

I often think I was young at the wrong time. It should have been the 1970s. Especially the latter half, when punk rock was exploding onto the scene.  Now and then I get to indulge my imaginary nostalgia for the era I never lived in. Thursday night was one of those times! I felt a … Continue reading

How music empowers children in the Sahel

Some of you may have heard about the food crisis in West Africa and about my passion for how music empowers and heals – I wrote the below to help Unicef with their aid efforts in the area. Please donate here… Across the Sahel region almost 4 million children under the age of five are … Continue reading

Music is life’s blood

Bruce Springsteen once said music was his “life’s blood. Nothing means as much to me or ever has”. That was when he was young. Before he got married and had kids. He may phrase his passion for music differently now. But he had a point. Sometimes music is all that people have. When I interviewed … Continue reading


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