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Herpreet Kaur Grewal is a newspaper-trained journalist, editor and commentator. She formerly wrote and edited a section for the social policy and politics magazine Regeneration & Renewal. She has worked for The Times of London and her articles have featured in The Guardian, The Observer and The Daily Express. She specialises in social deprivation issues, gender, human rights , arts and culture.
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A new book sheds light on one of India’s darkest moments

I used to make numerous visits to India with my family when I was a child. We would most often fly to Delhi to visit my aunt, uncle and two cousin brothers. Most of the times that I had seen my male cousins, they had worn a Sikh head covering common among young boys called … Continue reading

Probably the most amazing woman I’ve ever interviewed

Last month a lady called Alice Herz-Sommer died aged 110 years of age. I interviewed Alice for the north London newspaper, The Ham & High as a cub reporter in 2003. After all my years in journalism, she remains the most fascinating woman I have ever interviewed. At one point, she turned the interview around and starting … Continue reading

Terry Chimes states his case – interview

Maybe Terry Chimes never was a perfect fit for The Clash. As some commented under my interview with him, published last week, by The Clash blog – his right-wing politics may never have harmonised with the thinking of the rest of the band members or Bernard Rhodes.  However, after interviewing the man I could certainly … Continue reading

The journey home to Grandma Strummer’s birthplace

Earlier this year I traveled to a remote island in Scotland where The Clash lead singer, the late Joe Strummer’s maternal grandmother was born. Sunday was the 11th anniversary of his passing and events are taking place all over the world this week to commemorate him. I wrote this for The Clash blog about my trip … Continue reading

Should the body of the last Sikh king be exhumed?

Today is the 120th anniversary of the death of Maharajah Duleep Singh, known as the last king of the Sikh Empire. As some of you will know, he was the youngest son of Maharajah Ranjit Singh and Maharani Jind Kaur, and he came to power after a series of intrigues, when several claimants to the throne … Continue reading

“People in their twenties are not ageist the way my generation was”

I interviewed Nashville singer-songwriter, Gretchen Peters, a few months back when she was touring the UK promoting her newest album, Hello Cruel World. One of the topics we talked about was younger people being into older music in a more unrestrained way than perhaps previous generations. Why? Gretchen told me it was partly because: “People … Continue reading

London commemorates Joe Strummer with new mural in W11

New York has a mural of Joe, Granada has an entire Plaza in his honour and although London might have a subway unofficially named after him, it was great that the city finally has something like this too – thanks to the initiative of Gary Loveridge and Emma Harrison! My report about the unveiling – which Joe’s … Continue reading

A Sikh Feminist Journey

As some of you know, I attended a Sikh Feminist conference in Vancouver recently where I got to hear some really inspiring women and men present their interpretations of people, concepts and experiences related to Sikhism, that I had not heard before. It was most refreshing.  I contributed this post to the F-Word blog describing … Continue reading

Punk spirit lives on in new photo exhibit, ten years after legend’s death

I often think I was young at the wrong time. It should have been the 1970s. Especially the latter half, when punk rock was exploding onto the scene.  Now and then I get to indulge my imaginary nostalgia for the era I never lived in. Thursday night was one of those times! I felt a … Continue reading

Why did it take so long to celebrate this British Muslim World War Two heroine?

Hello all, please check out my new blog on The Guardian’s website about the erection of a new statue of overlooked World War Two heroine, Noor Inayat Khan (below).

Save the Women’s Library!

Today, campaigners have been protesting the closure of the Women’s Library in Holloway, north London. When I heard the library might be closing, my first response was: “Noooooooooooo!” I was actually suspicious (and disheartened) that its end may have been nigh when they closed the Wash Houses Cafe on the first floor, a few years ago, robbing … Continue reading

Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson in London

I saw Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, Arun Gandhi, speak over the weekend at a conference in London. He was inspirational…and also a little jaded. But who can blame him…he must have seen lots of good and bad, over his 78-year-old life. After his talk, the New York-based writer and activist, told me a few things that … Continue reading


Herpreet Kaur Grewal is an editor and journalist currently based in London.

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