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“People in their twenties are not ageist the way my generation was”

I interviewed Nashville singer-songwriter, Gretchen Peters, a few months back when she was touring the UK promoting her newest album, Hello Cruel World. One of the topics we talked about was younger people being into older music in a more unrestrained way than perhaps previous generations. Why? Gretchen told me it was partly because: “People in their twenties are not ageist the way my generation was” and from what she can tell, “these kids are listening to the music and responding to it on an honest level”.  Read about this, her take on being a woman in the music industry and other topics, in the whole interview here at online music magazine, The Girls Are.

Gretchen Peters (photo by Gina Binkley)

Gretchen Peters (photo by Gina Binkley)


About Herpreet Kaur Grewal

Herpreet Kaur Grewal is a newspaper-trained journalist, editor and commentator. She formerly wrote and edited a section for the social policy and politics magazine Regeneration & Renewal. She has worked for The Times of London and her articles have featured in The Guardian, The Observer and The Daily Express. She specialises in social deprivation issues, gender, human rights , arts and culture.


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Herpreet Kaur Grewal is an editor and journalist currently based in London.

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